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Behind the Technical Writer

Your Family Law Writer doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing. Before entering kindergarten, she would scribble on paper and demand that her mom tell her what the "writing" said. At the age of 10, she began proofreading book galleys at her dad’s printing company.

She started writing newspaper articles in college. In law school, she got the first perfect score ever in the Law Review writing competition and went on to be a Senior Editor of the Law Review.

Your Family Law Writer wrote a family law book for the American Bar Association and a parent guidebook on family law and special needs for a London publisher. She also wrote two published legal thrillers.

Her family law articles get published in the American Journal of Family Law and the American Bar Association’s Family Law Quarterly and Family Advocate magazine. Over the years, she has written thousands of freelance articles on law, medicine, finance, and business. She has been the keynote speaker at national conferences and commencement ceremonies, and a panelist and presenter at family law conferences and CLEs for the American Bar Association and many state bar associations.

 She is happiest when sitting outside in the shade, writing on her Mac.

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